Shroom Beer

Shroom Beer is Safe and Fun

It’s a delicate balance of all malt beer infused with psilocybin magic mushrooms. Each beer has the same dosage of psilocybin within 1.2% tolerance. Drink safely and share only the best highest quality experiences only shroom beer can offer, and without the hangover! We use only premium quality all malt grains to brew our beer, and our magic mushrooms are from a happy tripping mellow strain that is stable producing even level of psilocybin in each gram. So you can trip on a school night (a work night) and never miss a step the next morning.

Shroom Beer

Each Shroom Beer is infused with .20 grams of magic mushrooms. You brew your own, just buy magic mushroom spores from

Magic Mushrooms have been embibed for centuries. It funny that the average age of a user is 15 years old. This isn’t to say that many first timers aren’t in their 30’s or 60’s, but if you are a young teenager, you are more likely to try shrooms during your youth.

The funny thing is, the quality control for happy mellow trips has never been reliable. The average consumer (user) of magic mushrooms is just three times in their lifetime. That’s because they got bad shrooms and experienced a bad trip.

Sometime when growing magic mushrooms in a non-sterile enviroment, “the cake” grows toxins, and if these shrooms ataht are grown in these “cakes” are consumed, the trip is usually very bad, and the user never tried shrooms again.

We guarantee 100% happy trips. Our products our grown in sophisticated sterile labs using hepa filters and the latest technologies.

You’ll always have the right ablance of alcohol and psilocybin.

Do not use if you are pregnant, plan on becoming pregnant, on any medications, mentally unstable or without the permission of a doctor.

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