Shiitake Beer

Shiitake Beer is becoming so popular in Asia, Europe and the USA

Shrooms? Yes, that’s correct! Shiitake beer is here to stay. Now even China wants to start brewing their Shitake Mushroom Beer and sell it to the rest of the world. The Korean’s too are quickly falling in love with the smooth taste of shroom beers.

Shitake Beer is best to be brewed as a Porter or a Stout. As a Port, she is dark amber, with a rich foam creating its medium head.


shiitake beer mushroom beer


The latest trend now is adding mushrooms to beer during the brewing process because it tastes awesome.  Not tasting enough mushroom flavour in the beer is the top complaint made. How great mushrooms taste in beer is the number one feedback left by customers. Fungi beer is fresh and earthy and fun and tasty. Yes, you heard that right, beer made with fungus is great tasting. It is sought after and only we brew Shiitake Beer. It’s exclusive to in partnership with the best Shiitake mushrooms for a taste that is outta this world.

Can you remember the last time you tasted or ate shiitake mushrooms? Did they come in a can or could you buy them fresh locally?

All our shroom beers are brewed with fresh mushrooms, never dried or canned. We work closely with japanese shiitake farmers to ensure a fresh supply of mushrooms for brewing all year round. Demand is very strong so we have just increased our brewing capacity and expanded, double our fermentation tanks and bottling lines.

Haven’t Tried Shiitake Porter Beer yet?

Don’t be scrared, its taste is amazing, not strong mushroom flavor’s, just a hint of fungi in the background. Let me let you in on a secret. It tastes a million times better than any of the big 10 beers. The top 10 selling beers aren’t good because they’re not brewed with quality ingredients. Most of the population think they’re popular because of expensive TV commercials.

Those days of drinking corn sugar beer are over. The cardboard box your beer comes in is more costly than the ingredients used to brew that beer.  Craft beer’s, especially shroom craft beers are the fastest growing segment in 2017-2018.