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Reinheitsgebot 1516 German Beer Purity Law

The Reinheitsgebot is a german word that literally means a “purity order”. Something only the wisest king would decree. It’s known in the English world as the “German Beer Purity Law“.     It’s the best beer regulations in the world. These awesome regulations limit the ingredients in beer in Germany and the states of the former Holy Roman Empire. The best-known…

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Shiitake Beer

Shiitake Beer is becoming so popular in Asia, Europe and the USA Shrooms? Yes, that’s correct! Shiitake beer is here to stay. Now even China wants to start brewing their Shitake Mushroom Beer and sell it to the rest of the world. The Korean’s too are quickly falling in love with the smooth taste of…

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Oyster Beer

Oyster Beer, Oyster Stout Shroom Beer Oyster Stout, also known as Oyster Shroom Beer, has a distinct mellow flavor. Oyster Beer is most often brewed as a stout. They just make a better tasting match than trying to brew it is a Pilzen or Lager. Just like using hops when brewing normal beers, adding mushrooms is…

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Shroom Stout

Shroom Stout Beer World Famous Shroom Stout Beer, from Shroom Stout Beer is one of the heaviest full-bodies beer out there. It’s a perfect match to consume magic mushrooms. No more mizing with orange juice and forcing yourself to eat disgusting tasting psilocybin mushrooms. Just enjoy a Stout with your friends, preferable outdoors camping,…

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Shroom Beer

Shroom Beer is Safe and Fun It’s a delicate balance of all malt beer infused with psilocybin magic mushrooms. Each beer has the same dosage of psilocybin within 1.2% tolerance. Drink safely and share only the best highest quality experiences only shroom beer can offer, and without the hangover! We use only premium quality all…

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